Handpainted Noritake Japan LADY Plate

10:13 AM PST, 2/16/2008

I have received several questions about the vintage Noritake Lady Plate I recently sold for $698. This is a most unusual plate! Back-stamped "M", which indicates "Morimura Bros." who are the forerunners of Noritake Co. The "M" is encircled by a laurel wreath. Above the wreath-encircled "M" is the word "Noritake". Below is stamped "Made in Japan". Similar highly collectible plates are pictured in Joan van Patten's, The Collector's Encyclopedia of Noritake, and in David Spain's Collecting Noritake A to Z. The backstamp is the green M surrounded by a wreath, Noritake, Made in Japan, Handpainted, which dates it to 1918. This plate is a spectacular example. This luster plate measures 7 3/4". Unique design of a lady dressed in her finery with a bouquet of flowers. Beautiful for displaying. Vibrant lovely colors. Morgans Bounty was fortunate to discover this funky retro treasure. The noritake plate was acquired by a private bidder from Hawaii.

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